Biosecurity outside building

Disinfection Gate for vehicle disinfection

Disinfection Gate 360°

The Disinfection Gate. The spray system with overarching sprayers tall enough for any kind of commercial truck to fit through with multiple sprayers on each line.

Disinfection Channel for disinfecting vehicles, design for spraying any type of passing thru vehicles like agricultural machinery, poultry trucks, passenger cars. It prevents the transfer of diseases to the farm, danger zone.

Disinfection Gate SHIELD

Draft shield for Disinfection Gate creates protection which improves the quality of disinfection.

During high wind, intensity ensures even distribution of the disinfectant on the surface and gives greater control over the amount of applied agent, easier control of applied disinfection solution when calculated per m2 of the disinfected vehicle. Reduces the probability of water mist passing outside the disinfection area.