Bio Check List

Biosecurity is better than Antibiotics. Infectious diseases and pests spread in many ways, including direct contact with an animal or plant, as well as indirect contact through contaminated soil, equipment, clothing and footwear. It’s been proven that vehicles can bring the disease to the farm from hundreds of kilometers

A few questions about biosecurity that are worth answering:

Pig and poultry farmer:

  • Are you certain that your farmworkers conscientiously care about your disinfection cuvettes/ disinfection baths?
  • Do you properly clean and change chemical solution in the disinfectant mats?
  • Are disinfection baths/boot washers present at the entrance of the farm and are they used?
  • Do you have 100% guaranty that you or your employees make a chemical solution in the correct proportions
  • Is your farm organized so that clean and dirty zones do not intersect?
  • Are the clean and dirty area of the farm site clearly separated?
  • Are the transport vehicles for feed always disinfected when entering the farm (e.g. driving through disinfection baths / spray system / etc..
  • Do you have enough time to devote it to the proper disinfection of vehicles that come to your farm?
  • Are you sure that the vehicle chassis is properly disinfected, not just the front of the wheels?
  • Is a dedicated carcass storage space, which is physically separated from the animal facilities, present on the farm premises? 33.
  • Is this carcass storage space located in the dirty area of the farm?
  • Is there a hygiene lock available and is it always used by visitors when they enter the stables?
  • Do visitors and farmworkers have to wash and disinfect their hands before they are allowed to enter the stables?